Textile, Canvas, and Saddlery Stencils


Whether it be just for identification or brand awareness, stencils can be used for most fabrics.

Leather and timber can be permanently imprinted by using our purpose designed magnesium blocks. These are pressed into leather, timber and some soft materials which leave a permanent embossed mark.

We have worked closely with New Zealand sports clubs in the stenciling of their equipment, including kevlar garments without damage to the fabric. Although with kevlar our inks can not leave a permanent mark, in conjunction with our stencils the garment can be cost effectively remarked after every wash.

Textile stencils have for years been the choice of truckies for marking tarpaulins and webbing tie downs. These items clearly marked will help prevent loss, not only of the item but the time involved in finding it's replacement! We can supply electric branding irons too for marking things such as tires, batteries and some soft handled tools.

Horse owners around the country have used our stencils to mark covers and some have even stenciled their horses' rumps and withers.

The increased use of bulk bags for shipping chemicals and feed mean that a stencil is the best form of marking the bag with it's contents or shipping address. Preprinted bags often have to be ordered in large production runs. Small numbers of blank bags can be marked with a stencil. This also allows for customers with many products to save money by having multiple stencils and only purchasing bags when they are required.

Due to a lack of truly innovative designs we were first approached to produce specialised quilting stencils for people doing quilting and patchwork. Please contact us with your designs or let our design department draw something totally unique for you.

While we have traditionally marked lifebelts on ships, smaller boat owners now are stenciling not only life jackets but any loose property from dinghies, wet weather gear, bailors and squabs.

We also stock a variety of inks to use in conjunction with textile stencils.