Industrial Stencils


Our industrial stencils are made from premium plastics or zinc, they can be cleaned with any solvent recommended by the paint manufacturer. Acetone, turpentine, paint thinner, alcohol and mineral spirits are very aggressive cleaning agents and you can use any of these to clean our stencils.

Alphabet & number stencils are manufactured in a large range of sizes. Available individual, interlocking & clock / disc form.

Oilboard A-Z & 0-9 sets are flexible, specially-coated cardstock. Each character is supplied individually. Large boarders around characters let you vary spacing & prevent overspray. Also included are blanks for spacers. Economical and reusable (apx. 1-20 times)

Interlocking brass stencils can be reused many times to produce words and numbers that are assembled by sliding together adjacent grooves. We stock A-Z and 0-9 sets.

The large flat area on skip bins is an advertising opportunity too good to miss, stencils offer the most cost effective use of this space. Whether it be company name & contact details or a full corporate branding program, our art department can liaise with your bin manufacturer and can provide mock-ups to give you an image of the final look.

Parkin & Payne in conjunction with our new zealand based plastic manufacturer have developed a flexible sheet specifically used for our pipe & tank stencils. Making stenciling a breeze on curved surfaces.

The grand scale exposure building sites provide, gives the opportunity to scaffolding companies not only to identify their components, but advertise as well. Poles, stair treads and base boards, Parkin & Payne has dedicated stencils & stencil materials for each of these components, making branding quicker & easier.

We manufacture cable reel / drum / oil barrel stencils in zinc or plastic. Industrial stencils can be made up to 1220mm diameter, custom logos & trademarks can be added.

Building projects in progress give all manufactures involved in the building industry an opportunity to promote their products, not only to the general public, but to tradesmen installing & working around the site.