We make logo stencils for numerous applications from small CD covers for record companies to large lettering for transport and shipping. We also create shipping addresses in multiple languages (customer must supply artwork in language required).

Mark your flight cases and property with your name, web address or telephone number for easy identification. Mark your staging equipment & instrument cases quickly and easily with all the information you need to display for speedy return. Bands can personalise road cases with their band graphic and code for quick packing and unpacking.

Exporting your large products to other countries can be a hassle. Many international shipping regulations require specific markings on your crate. We can create a lettering stencil to your exact specifications, with letters any size, any width and any line spacing. You can supply us with your logo to create a truly one of a kind stencil.

Our customers come to us with different reasons for labeling their product. Some companies need basic lettering and numbering stencils for product identification. Stenciling a code number or product name can help make sure the correct product reaches the correct customer.

Another reason to stencil your product is brand loyalty. We can use your actual logo and typestyle to create a custom stencil as unique as your business.

Tradesmen can mark their own tools to protect their investment. Stencil your name on ladders, tool cases, wheel barrows, power tools, or anything and everything you own.

Shipping stencils can mark your shipping container to make sure it is handled correctly. We have a variety of popular shipping symbols that can be produced in any size to fit your needs.

Date coding of marine equipment & life raft tests, naming of life belts, buoys, excursion craft & ships.

Stencil spray ink, rollers, brushes and markers can be supplied by us & used in conjunction with our stencils. Ink or paint can easily be cleaned off the stencils to ensure a long stencil life.