Decorative and Corporate Stencils

Decorative and Corporate Stencils

We have worked with professional designers and decorators, our custom stencils have been used to decorate chain restaurants, department stores and bespoke retail stores. For major motion pictures, TV and magazine ads. Whether you require a single stencil design or 10,000 we are here to meet your needs.

Make your message stand out with a professional looking sign. Using a custom made chalkboard stencil, ensures consistency and accuracy with logos and branding being easy to reproduce, even fancy fonts look great with the assistance of these easy to use decorative stencils. Generally used with chalkboard marker pens, chalk stick, crayons and marker pens.

Wanting to display a unique branding or personal touch on a well presented cup of coffee. From concept to the final product, we have in-house designers, to create the cappuccino stencil you want.

Logo's can be created into stencils for company promotions, branding and general identification, with a selection of materials depending on your application. Because every custom stencil we make is unique, there is no standard pricing. Our pricing is based on the design of the stencil, material & how long it takes to manufacture.

We welcome the opportunity to work on artistic projects. Stencils are financially viable from a one-off to thousands-off. Hence, decorative stencils work well for artists and sculptors who typically want an accurate one-off design. We can draw and cut a wide range of urban or abstract stencil designs for artists working with paint and canvas.

Once your design is computerised we can adjust the size with ease. We have a material cutting area of up to 2.4x1.2m. Depending on the type of design we can cut a much larger size by the process of tiling. We don't typically cut design/wording under 6mm.