Our heavy duty roller system is built to withstand industrial applications. If you need to stencil pallets, drums, boxes or crates you will be happy with the performance.

Spray ink saves time. Will mark on any surface. Dries faster than paint and can be used in humid conditions. 315g can, 12 cans per carton. Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange & White. A special tan colour is made to touch up old shipping cartons and make them look new. Provides excellent coverage and adhesion on a very wide variety of porous and non-porous surfaces and produces a quick drying, high contrast, bleed-free mark. When dry, the ink is waterproof and oil-resistant.

Our range of stenciling inks are second to none, quick and easy to use with a hand roller, bucket and foam pad. Indoor, outdoor, waterproof, weather-resistant and fast drying. Stencil inks for all surfaces. For marking asphalt, bricks, canvas, cardboard, carton board, concrete, glass, metals, plasterboard, plastics, stone, textiles and wood, however, these inks are capable of marking many more surfaces.

Stencil ink bucket & roller: Are designed for use with ink rollers, supplied with a foam insert, which keeps the ink locked away when not in use. The inserts can be easily replaced and can be purchased separately. Our standard roller consists of a metal frame and a foam roller.

Road marking paint comes in upside down / inverted 500g aerosols. Most suitable for one off & small carpark marking. Available in White, Yellow, Red, Blue & Black.

Spray Chalk is ideally suited when stenciling foot paths, promotion & protests or when any temporary mark is required. Stenciled marks last approximately two weeks with general foot traffic & weathering, or can be easily removed with a stiff brush.

Stencil Board - Oilboard is for use with Marsh, Diagraph, Tiflex or Ideal stencil cutters. Stencil Board is also popular with artists & crafts people as it is an excellent material for hand cut stencils.

We can provide a variety of Rubber Stamps, ranging from self-inkers, wood block handled or stereo only. If you don't have your own artwork, we can do it for you. IPPC / ISPM 15 stamps are a specialty and can be provided with timber suitable stamp pads & inks.

Custom made Electric Branding irons are ideal for smaller areas where stencils and stamps may not be as clear.

Parkin & Payne holds stocks of marking products from the following brands...
MARKALL, HANSON, as well as our own in house brand.